Since 2009, Team Atlantis has dominated TrafficWave's affiliate program. We have consistently been the #1 Team Build for the past nearly 6 years. Members of our Team Atlantis currently occupy 10 of the top 25 earning positions in TrafficWave.

We have mastered the art of building teams!

Team Atlantis has the most revolutionary system of recruiting PAID referrals. This 'fail proof' never before seen system of recruiting PAID referrals is already blowing all other TrafficWave programs/teams out of the water and now we will do the same for our newly added CyberWealth7 Team Build business.

We have the experience! We have the fastest moving rotators of anybody out there! And now we have a new business to build and dominate!


Our unique Team Build concept is like no other you have ever seen. It was designed from the very start to be completely different from most Team Build offerings that are currently on the internet.

We do not simply assign "Next In Line" referral links as does ordinary builds, done by some stranger operating from a social forum. One who disappears at the first sign of trouble or when he can no longer deliver links to those still waiting in the queue.

We are here for the long haul. Ready and willing to help you build your first Successful Team Build and Many more as they may be offered to our membership.

This is our BUSINESS and not a sideline. This is what we do.

Our business has been designed to accommodate ANYONE who wishes to started a solid, reliable Home-Based business that is capable of earning a full-time income ONLINE.


Cyber Wealth Alliance is a new addition to our business program offerings and is off to a fantastic early start. Cyber Wealth Alliance (CyberWealth7), is a software company that utilizes an 'affiliate marketing' model to distribute a new line of revolutionary patented security software products.

Cyber Wealth Alliance has a contract with Strike Force Technologies, Inc. for this new patented technology & all future patents including 3 more in the works! Click Here to view a copy of Strike Force Technologies' Press Release regarding the agreement with Cyber Wealth Alliance Inc. to market it's security products.


Strike Force Technologies is the world's leading provider of Out-of-Band Authentication, Keystroke Encryption and Mobile Security. Strike Force Technologies' products secure millions of users worldwide.

Strike Force Technologies, Inc. ( OTCQB: SFORD ), a company that specializes in Cyber Security solutions for the prevention of Data Breaches and Cyber Theft, recently announced that it has received an official Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent Office stating that a second patent application titled "Methods and apparatus for securing keystrokes from being intercepted between the keyboard and a browser" has been approved for issuance.

Several more patents are pending approval.


There are Hundreds of Millions of computers, tables and smart phones in use around the world. Every single one of them faces a daily threat of some kind of security breach from hacker programs known as 'Keyloggers'. The news has been flooded with reports of astonishing attacks against world banks, credit cards, brokerage accounts, department stores and many, many more.

Strike Force Technologies Inc, after lengthy development and testing in Europe has released a series of new software technology, utilizing military-grade encryption to prevent the damage that can be inflicted by keyloggers.

Owning the patents for this software, places Strike Force Technologies in a very unique position to capitalize on a captive market of Hundreds of Millions of potential new customers around the world. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a month, our customers can have complete protection from cyber crimes.

Strike Force Technologies security software is already being used by industry giants, including top United States government agencies and private corporations.


As a CyberWealth7 independent sales partner, you have the ability to build not only an awesome long-term business in one of the most in-demand industries EVER created, but also an impressive investment portfolio.

CyberWealth7 is giving away 7 million shares of Strike Force Technologies stock for simply telling others about our new business. The company is expected to start paying dividends to shareholders in first quarter 2015.

To get your Free Shares in the Next Tech Stock Giant and to learn more about our Team Atlantis CyberWealth7 Team Build, please click on the link below! This is your opportunity to start building your Financial Future with a new Industry Leader TODAY!

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